Distance from Batumi: 56 km

Height above sea level: 720 meters

Best time to visit: Spring, Summer, Autumn.

The distance from Batumi to Gobroneti turn makes 52 kilometers. From the turn to Nigazeuli - 4.3 km. From Keda Settlement - 10 km. Tourists traveling from Batumi towards Tskhmorisi will be able to visit Acharian Wine House; historic monument Tamar’s Bridge and Makhuntseti Waterfall located in Makhuntseti community, next to the automobile road; Tsivasula Fortress, ground bridge and Shervashidzes' Wine Cellar in Pirveli Maisi community; Historic Museum and Zvare St. George Church in Keda Settlement. One can visit Chonarisi Bridge, Tskhmorisi Bridge, mosque and Akho Mosque in the Gobroneti Village surroundings.

Activities: Get familiar with traditional rules of cattle breeding, poultry raising, vegetable growing, gardening and bee keeping, hiking, camping, hunting. In addition, try fishing and learn popular national trades including long-basket plaiting, knitting and iron elaboration, tobacco refining, vodka brewing, traditional ways of cooking local dishes, horse-racing, visiting historical and cultural sites.